Local Business Spotlight - May

Dated: May 1 2024

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Local Business Spotlight:

 Meet Matt and Adena Shepayo, owners of Preservation Tree Care. 



Preservation Tree Care was founded by couple Matt and Adena Shepayo. Their extensive knowledge of trees and the Colorado landscape makes them some of the best in the business. Servicing commercial and residential areas all across the Denver and Foothills area, they provide tree trimming and removal, fire mitigation, tree planting, cabling and bracing, as well as every effective plant health care service imaginable! Their focus is not just on the trees themselves, but on creating a lasting impression in the community, leaving their ethical mark.

Matt, who grew up in Connecticut, met Adena, originally from California, in Colorado Springs through a mutual friend’s property they were both hired to help with. They hit it off and the rest is history! While living in Denver, they quickly realized how much they craved that fresh mountain air. They found themselves in Evergreen almost every weekend, hiking and exploring. It didn’t take them long to fall in love with our community and make the permanent move up to Evergreen, where they felt they belonged. Having been in trees since graduating highschool, Matt chose to take his passion for arbory and transform it into a business endeavor that would become an influential part of the foothills community. Matt, being an ISA Certified Arborist and Certified Tree Worker and Climber, along with Adena’s Business Development background, they created a truly unique and impressionable team at Preservation Tree Care.

What sets their team apart is their driven purpose to preserve the human spirit through stewardship and conservation. Working as a team, they are committed to intuitive growth, educating not only themselves, but their clients in the process. Their business prides itself in their unwavering commitment, exceptional customer service, and personalized solutions for each of their clients. Their innovative spirit, paired with their knowledge and experience, enables them to customize solutions to local tree issues, including custom fertilizers based on soil testing throughout the local area, and specialized mapping technology to manage their client’s unique property. As if that’s not enough, Preservation Tree Care believes in eco-friendly practices to ensure the health of our Earth. Just one of the many reasons I love this team!  In supporting them, we are supporting more than just their business, we are supporting the wellbeing of our “backyards,” or as I, as well as Matt and Adena, would like to say, “our playground.” By striving to use sustainable practices in their business, they are striving to preserve their passions for biking, hiking, and climbing in their community. How cool is that?! 

Preservation Tree Care focuses on leaving a lasting, positive impact on our communities, by providing high quality, sustainable tree and property care. Their expertise may be in the trees, but their passion in forming healthy client and community relationships gives their name more than just a provided service. You can also find them actively engaging in our community through donations that support the relationship between police and kids, educating them on the value of our local police force. They also donate to Haven’s clothing, a non-profit organization that clothes foster children. They are involved in the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, as well, so check out the chambers for more event details they’ll be a part of (including the chili cook off in September) or give them a follow on their Facebook and Instagram page @persationtreecarecolorado. 


For more information, you can find them at:



For a tree and property consultation, or a landscaping referral, give them a call at: 

303- 761-1088 

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